What is Raze?

Healing from past relationships requires time and distance. But that can be hard with the constant presence of social media in our lives. Seeing your ex on social media can bring back unwanted memories that prevent you from getting over them.

Raze helps you get the time you need to heal without deleting sweet memories forever. Raze can detect when you’ve healed and moved on, and it restores the photos you shaved away. This way, you don’t lose a part of your life forever.

Behind the scenes

The brief was to give a mundane, everyday object a new technology and purpose. The video was evaluated on a number of aspects including showcasing the purpose of the object, the interactions with the object, the lucidity of storytelling, and the visual quality of the video.

The team chose the razor as their everyday object because things grow back once they are shaved again, unlike an eraser which is more permanent. The metaphor worked well with the idea that was being conveyed —- shaving away memories of a past relationship while you have time to heal.

To aid in storytelling, the team tried to include motifs through color and clothing, as well as the visual metaphor of old flowers being replaced with the new. The soundtrack they chose, with its swells and pauses, reflect the evolving emotional state of the protagonist.

In order to better explain Raze’s function, the team overcame challenges such as filming screens, tricky camera angles and creating video ‘magic’ during this weeklong course in Video Prototyping.