POTRICK is the all-natural go-to product for people who have loved ones that are addicted to gaming.

Once POTRICK has been placed in the game addict’s apartment, it draws attention to itself through physical movements and facial expressions. If that does not work and the addict pays no attention to its needs (such as watering it or placing it in sunlight) POTRICK starts messaging the addict through social media, making it impossible to use technology without being interrupted.

If all else fails, POTRICK will resort to emotional blackmail. In this way, POTRICK slowly nudges the addict to start caring for something other than video games

POTRICK was conceptualized during the video prototyping course with the brief to take an everyday object (in this case, a pot) and imagine a future use for it in a world of obsolescence.

Disclaimer: No plants were harmed in the making of this video.
Special thanks: Gaana Srinivas (voice of POTRICK).