Moving to another country is a big step in anyone’s life and it involves many challenges like adapting to a new culture, dealing with a foreign language and making new friends. The situation often leads to people feeling helpless and lonely. It is a feeling that experienced expats know well.

People have a lot of queries regarding accommodation, public transportation, etc. when they are planning to move to a new city. Our research suggested that they are interested to talk to an expat in their destination country who has taken this step before.

To help people with their queries and to make settling in easier and less lonely, the team came up with Xpat, which is a matching service that connects someone moving to a new country with an Xpat buddy who acts as a guide and friend before, during and after your move to the new city.

The match is based on the following criterions:

  • Interests: For some people making new friends is more important while others are just looking for help.
  • Country of origin: Language and finances are a huge barrier when it comes to understanding the way around a new city. A buddy from the same country is able to help better in this regard.
  • Gender: Gender plays a very important role in certain cultures when it comes to matchmaking.
  • Family situation: People who are coming with a family or a partner have very different questions and concerns as compared to the people who are coming alone.