Hoodkit is a service that equips volunteers with tools to form communities around elders in their neighborhood. 

This service addresses the ever-growing crisis of social isolation, observed in the elderly population, especially for men. Based on our qualitative research, elders are reluctant to reach out for fear of being misinterpreted of asking for help. Add to that the fact that the men isolate themselves much more than women, resulting in worse healthcare and life-quality outcomes. This project is thus directed at the elderly male population. 

The toolkit equips volunteers with well-designed information to facilitate forming communities around the elderly population in their neighborhood. It does so by providing tools such as an “idea catalog” of activities, a workshop organization checklist, and tips & tricks. The tools enable volunteers to reach out and organize neighborhood activities, build up a core group of volunteers in the neighborhood, and thus reach out to isolated elderly males and bring their community to them.
The service touchpoints comprise of a website (to order the toolkit), toolkit (the Hoodkit), a prompt phone-call (when the user receives the Hoodkit), and an online peer-support forum. The service will also require a community manager to support the online peer community of Hoodkit users.