Tree of Light

The Tree of Light is an artistic installation that lights up when people blow air at it. The project acts as an intersection between nature and technology. While playing with the installation, the surprising moment of lighting up will raise people’s curiosity toward the topics of electronics and light.

Created in one day, this prototype acts as a proof of concept. A possible continuation of the project would be its implementation on a larger scale. The Tree of Light could be installed in public spaces such as parks and train stations to reach a broad audience.

Copper tape, wires and conductive fabrics form multiple parallel circuits on the body of the tree. A LED is attached to each circuit. The branches made of conductive fabrics act as switches. When they touch each other due to the wind, the circuit is closed and the LED lights up.

The Tree of Light started from exploring the action of blowing and its various possibilities to trigger lights. Three experiments were conducted, inspired by everyday experiences such as trees, wind wheels and breathing.