Exquisite Susan

“Exquisite Susan” is a multiplayer digital game inspired by the famous “exquisite corpse” drawing game. Designed to be inclusive and bring people to collaborate, the main intent was to have no winner.

The game is played using a computer. Players are invited to a physical setup, using a wooden turned table, also known as a “lazy Susan”, onto which the computer is placed. Each turn, players will be prompted with either hints, categories or funny questions to be answered in a single word. After typing the answer, participants rotate the computer to the next player. The first turn determines how many rounds the game will have by inputting a number. Following up, other players input words, compiling into a sentence at the end of the game.

The general brief for the “introduction to programming” class was to design a game. This project was created in four days and programmed in the Java language using the Processing software.