Pressure Reliever

Stress often leads to misunderstandings, conflicts and inefficiency in teams, yet there are minimal ways to make this invisible state visible.

The Pressure Reliever is a light and playful way to relieve stress. Designed to recognize frustration in a classroom, it visualizes a build up in tension, with a goal to remind students to take a break and speak about their problems. Given a stress ball each, students can squeeze it when feeling stressed during situations such as heated conversations during group projects. Each squeeze builds pressure to the Pressure Reliever, and the increasing balloon size acts as an interactive visualization of stress levels in a classroom. Once the Pressure Reliever reaches its critical limit, the air inside of the balloon is released with a loud farting sound.

When designing the stress ball, emphasis was placed on weight, size and shape that would feel instinctive for students to squeeze. Creating an anonymous experience was also essential to encourage students to express their stress with the assurance that others would not notice. The accumulation of pressure which ultimately leads to a farting sound aims to turn the negative experience into a positive and playful one.