Skyline is a weather app that draws attention to climate change by visualizing the development of your chosen city in an illustrative and comparative way.

When launching the app, you can see today’s weather of your current location in the form of an illustration. Instead of an hourly forecast, as is the case in conventional weather apps, Skyline allows you to explore the weather of the past and a forecast of the future.

By swiping to the right or left, you can follow the development of the weather in steps of 25 years which increases the users’ awareness of global warming. While doing so, you will see how drastically the cityscape has changed. To better understand the consequences of urbanization, you can further explore the air and water pollution, which are closely linked to climate change.

Swipe down and the illustration shifts to a fishpond. The further you move into the future, the dirtier the water becomes and the fish die out. Swipe up to zoom in onto the streets. While 50 years ago there were hardly any cars on the streets, the future is marked by traffic jams and smog. By tapping on the city name you can change the location to another city.