Copenhagen Adventures

Interviews with 20 to 30-year-old travelers show that the fear of missing out creates pressure of visiting attractions rather than having fun, especially during short stays. Guided tours are one way for travelers to get peace of mind, but they also create frustration due to the inflexibility of route and walking pace. Another option are activities such as treasure hunts, but the high engagement and constant interactions with the phone lead to a lower focus on the surroundings.

Copenhagen Adventures seeks to fix this problem, and create an experience that allows the user to have fun and explore the city at the same time. Copenhagen Adventures is a platform for story-led audio tours targeted towards young travelers in which the user can choose a story to listen to as they stroll through the city. One such story is “The Stolen Crown” in which the user can explore Copenhagen while investigating a theft as Chief Detective. By walking in the footsteps of the story’s main character, they are encouraged to follow their own pace and to make small detours, which might even lead to discovering a side story.

Means of transport and admissions to relevant sights are included and accessible all in one place; and making the experience hassle-free and profound. Copenhagen Adventures comes with an app that takes care of planning, ticketing and navigating so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Each chapter ends with a summary that shows the route, decisions that the traveler made, and the recommendations they received; in order to create a singular platform to make travelling fun and easy.

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