Keeping the Nigerian refugee crisis in mind, we started exploring the topic of how nature protects and shelters itself from biotic and abiotic factors when on the move.

Skuil was designed as a result of this exploration, as a possible solution for refugees braving the harsh desert climate.

Skuil is a multifunction wearable product designed to protect and shelter refugees on the move. When on the move, it can be worn as poncho/kaftan that protects you from the sun while still allowing for the free flow of air. The garment also has a trigger embedded into it that warns others in case of danger.

When resting, it can be folded into a low tent which acts as a shelter from the harsh desert wind. Skuil can also be linked with others like itself through buttons and turned into a much bigger tent for multiple people.

As part of a nature-led design process, we took inspiration from the following mentors:

1. Weaver ants – that create shelter from leaves and work in unity to form bigger shelters as the family grows.
2. The Prairie Dog & Pharaoh Ant – that share important information on the degree of perceived danger with the rest of their group.