Breathe is an educational app that helps environmentally conscious consumers reduce their ecological footprint by making them aware of their impact based on their spending in a factual and playful way. Each user starts with a virtual forest they can explore by using pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures. The goal is to keep the trees alive as long as possible.

When spending money, the environmental impact of the purchases is reflected in the forest. The spending is tracked by linking the users’ credit cards to the app, and an intelligent algorithm calculates the number of trees chopped — both on our planet and in the virtual forest. A long flight, for example, destroys 13 trees, while eating a burger leads to a cutting down of 0.02 trees.

To compensate for this deforestation, the user can buy different packages to donate new trees. These are planted by an NGO in Brazil and also added to the user’s virtual forest.

A separate view offers detailed information on your impact, including a graph and a possibility to filter by the latest or highest impact. This way, the users can become more aware of what affects the environment the most, and then adjust their behaviour to a more sustainable one.

A clickable prototype can be found here.