Raunaq Patel

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Visual Design, UX Design, Software Development

Raunaq (pronounced raw-nuck) is an Indian interaction designer who believes that designers have the power to touch people’s lives through their design and create a positive impact.

As a kid, Raunaq was fascinated by the people around him who were in the field of technology and design. To pursue a career in his areas of interest, he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in the field of Information Technology in 2015. While pursuing engineering, he started doing freelance design and programming projects. There he got a chance to deep dive into graphic, print, stationery, digital and branding design.

As years passed, he narrowed his focus on User interface design, User Experience design. In March 2017, he joined the one of the best UI UX design studio in India – Fractal Ink Design Studio as a Senior Designer. There, he had the privilege to work with complex projects for clients like Mahindra, Bluestar, Reliance Home Finance, and many more.

At CIID, Raunaq hopes to converge his passion for technology and design to create tangible or intangible products, services or an environment that helps to make the world a better place by creating a positive impact in user’s life.