Micol Galeotti

Nationality: Italian
Area of Expertise: Architecture

Micol has a passion for building things. This led her to Venice where she got an MA in Architecture from IUAV University. Building many models has cultivated a keen sense of planning and execution of physical prototypes: from choosing the right materials and techniques, to optimizing the process through 3D modelling. However, the lack of action on the final product and the effort that went into explaining an idea, instead of optimizing it, pushed her to look outside the field of Architecture for something different. She learnt about Interaction Design during her exchange at TU Delft, where during the Hyperbody: Interactive Architecture Studio, she took part in a physical computing class. The strive for innovation and projection to the future typical in Interaction Design felt empowering, in comparison to Architecture laws and formal norms and rules coming from thousands of years of history. The prospects of learning by making and the openness of the field brought Micol to CIID, where she is still investigating our relationship with space and the effects it has on us through the lens of technology. During her academic career, she collaborated with institutions such as the Biennale di Venezia and La Triennale di Milano, and personalities such as Christian Kerez and Arata Isozaki. In her free time she enjoys photography, teaching sailing and making boxes.