Julius Ingemann Breitenstein

Nationality: Danish
Area of Expertise: Product Design, Speculative Design, Design Writing

Julius is a Danish designer who was raised in London. His background is in product design, which he studied at Central Saint Martins (CSM).

He is a strong proponent of approaching design in an accessible, informal, and humorous way, no matter the complexity. On top of that, he likes diving head first into exploring new skills and the cultures around them. Recently he’s been trying his hand at headphone, furniture, and kitchenware design with Jakob Wagner, as well as writing for ICON magazine about technology and ‘unplanned’ design.

His final project at CSM was “The Unpaid Intern”. He researched how the the project’s physical controller might interact with the software. This led to his interest in the intersection of physical and digital design, and, in turn, Interaction Design.
The project garnered interest from the press and he was invited to be a part of the Vitra Design Museum’s “Hello, Robot” exhibition over the next five years. The theme of which is past, present, and future of our relationship with robots.

Julius can be a little obsessive over interests, from new music (he ran an internet radio station at the age of 16), to improv comedy, to fried chicken – all of which inform and inspire his process.