Federico Peliti

Nationality: Italian
Area of Expertise: Documentary Filmmaking | Motion Design | Interaction Design

After receiving a degree in Chinese Studies, Federico moved to Beijing for 2-years to develop a research on historical photography that eventually became the basis for a documentary called Blank Lands. The film took over 4 years to complete, and during that time he delved into the field of video making, exploring its various segments, learning new skills on his own and in the field.

Then he began working with motion graphics, freelancing for small local advertising agencies, VJing, and finally working as in-house designer for a TV football channel (Roma TV of AS Roma).

In 2014, Federico took part in a short intensive course on physical computing and digital fabrication at the School of Machine, Making and Make Believe, which sparked his love for Interaction Design and its multidisciplinary nature. In 2015 he joined the art collective Polisonum, with whom he create interactive audio installations.

All along he never stopped studying, researching and exploring ideas aimed at the creation of meaningful experiences to tell stories and involve people.

He is filled with wonder at the idea of spending a year at CIID studying, researching and collaborating with amazing people, learning new skills and expanding his design thinking!