As each knight had his own sword, passed hand by hand down generations or received from their king, in the same way each cooking expert who defines themselves as chef has their own knife. As the sword had to be manufactured with specific processes and carry the emblem of the family, a chef’s knife is produced and sharpened by experts and is taken good care of. Over a three week intensive dive into tangible user interfaces, we designed a trainable knife for aspiring chefs to learn from one of the great masters and become great on their own.

By embedding an accelerometer inside the handle of the knife, we are able to track its change in position, and by doing so, record the movement performed by the user. With the use of an Arduino 101, we built off existing machine learning algorithms, training the knife to recognize different types of movements. In this way, when the aspiring chef uses the knife, it will be able to signal whether the cutting movement is correct or not.

LEDs are embedded in the handle and light up in relation to the position detected by the accelerometer. The knife will be able to guide the user step by step in the movement previously recorded by a master chef.

Each knife comes out of the manufacturing process embedded with the knowledge of culinary masters as a series of chef profiles, which can be chosen by the user. Each chef profile also grants the possibility of contributing to the knowledge within the tool. In fact, there is also a training mode, with which each user can store their personal use of the knife, and record it to pass it down to whomever they may choose, be it their apprentices or descendants.