Neighbor-ly is a home object which externalises a very common experience that many people in urban spaces experience: hearing annoying sounds in indoor spaces that they can’t pinpoint coming from their neighbors. Neighbor-ly is simple, small and portable smart object that adds humor to a typically frustrating experience.

How it works

When the object is turned on, it identifies the sound it hears generated from the users’ neighbors and produces a phrase for the user to see which is a guess at what the sound might be. The user can indicate if they find a particular sound coming from a neighbor annoying, and press a button to train the machine to keep track of those sounds. The machine keeps track of what the user has indicated. After the machine is trained, and the noise happens again, the machine produces repeated knocking sounds against the wall. It’s a modern rendition of someone hitting the ceiling with the backend of a broom when the neighbors are being noisy.