Vytautas Gudaitis

Nationality: Lithuania
Area of Expertise: Electronic Engineering, Software Development, Design Management

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background with BEng in Electronics and Telecommunications and MSc in International Design Business Management, Vytas has been focusing most of his working career on software product development. In addition to that, he has been working on other projects, ranging from finding solutions for children’s problems in Uganda, to solving corporate communication challenges and creating branding strategies in Finland.

During his free time Vytas usually explores new areas, books, people and sounds that are not related to his previous experience. He believes that inspiration does not exist as some magical moment that would provide one with new ideas. Rather, for him it is a capability to connect those new experiences towards a solution of a problem at a certain point of time.

Initially having been fascinated by designers’ magical abilities in making things beautiful, Vytas realised that design in general provides the best framework for problem solving, which is applicable in various fields and areas. Interaction design is multi-disciplinary at its core, and CIID is the place where such people connect to solve the challenges of today.