Taishi Kamiya

Nationality: Japan
Area of Expertise: Rapid Prototyping, Design Management, Sound Art

Born and raised in Japan, Taishi is interested in creating new value that does not yet exist.

He studied Complex System in university and took a Masters degree in Systems and Information Engineering. He also studied contemporary art in a private art school. Consolidating these backgrounds, he has been creating new values in a business field, and also creating arts as a sound artist.

Currently, Taishi is responsible for new business development at Yamaha Corporation. He has organized an bottom-up community “Start-up Sketching“ to create new value, where he has designed a development process and workshop based on design thinking. He also designed a co-creation business development platform with creators and various companies. From these initiative, many projects had been created.

At CIID, He wants practical experience working with diverse people. Also he hopes to explore a new design process which combines artistic viewpoint into people-centered approach problem solving.