Somayeh Ranjbar

Nationality: Iranian
Area of Expertise: Business and Service Design, Social Design and Innovation

Having graduated in both engineering and business, Somayeh is adept at adapting the design process in complex and multidisciplinary environments. She has an MSc in Marketing and Ecommerce from Lulea University of Technology and has helped a number of Iranian and international companies to build their brands.

Somayeh’s passion is problem-solving for people. Her background as an entrepreneur helps her focus on designing real solutions, shaping multidisciplinary teams, and actively involving stakeholders in the design process.

Her final project at CIID, Ashena, has helped her find the ultimate intersection between design, creative problem-solving and social entrepreneurship by working on a social enterprise initiative. She believes while CIID has leveraged her existing capabilities. It has given her the right tools and skills to express her ideas.

In her free time, she loves to paint on canvas or just grab her camera and go outside to take photos.