Rachel Lane

Nationality: British / Canadian
Area of Expertise:
 Digital Marketing, UX Research

A small eternity ago, Rachel went to art school and specialized in jewellery design, with an interest in electronic jewellery and wearable computing. She quit art college after her first year, to pursue a foundation year in engineering and then a degree in product design, marketing and computing. After graduating, she worked for a tourism start-up in Scotland, before moving to Edinburgh and working for digital agencies in SEO, media buying and production. 

In 2008, she decided that she would like to work abroad and applied for a Permanent Resident’s visa for Canada; the process took three years and in 2011 she moved to Toronto. Rachel was over there for five and half years, working for digital marketing agencies in Ontario and Nova Scotia. She was a passionate and active supporter of tech and creative communities, organizing Girl Geek talks, maker workshops and participating in Civic Tech hackathons.

Rachel left Canada and a career in advertising in the summer of 2016 to pursue a personal exploratory project “is it possible to create an online erotic experience that isn’t porn?” She has been interviewing VR film producers, burlesque performers, attending sex education groups, watching porn and even attending the occasional S&M party … all in the name of ethnographic research.

Rachel hopes that the above project may ultimately find its way into the world as a start-up venture, but in the meantime it’s an education.