Matt Visco

Nationality: USA 
Area of Expertise: Programming, Interaction Design

I am a designer and programmer from Berkeley, California. My work is focused on interactions and people.

After receiving a degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley I went on to co-found a design studio called Studio Hütte. My two partners and I ran this studio for a year before deciding to dissolve it. The studio focused primarily on web design & development and identity design.

After dissolving the studio, I decided to go back to school. My first step back into education was at School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe. I spent 4 weeks in an intensive course learning about the field of Speculative Design. Recently I participated in an artist ran school entitled School for Poetic Computation. During this 10-week program I took 4 courses that explored different aspects of creative computing. Much of my time was spent learning how to work with openFrameworks and animate with code.

I now enter CIID looking forward to deepening my critical thinking & design skills and to collaborating with some smart, cool, & fun people!