Kelvyn Marte

Nationality: Austria
Area of Expertise:
Interaction Design, Photography

Kelvyn is multidisciplinary designer from Austria, with a very broad background in design, photography and technology.

In 2014 he graduated from the InterMedia program at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Classes there included many different subjects such as graphics, photography, film, sound, 3D animation, interface design, internet of things, e-learning and marketing. Previously he received his degree at the Advanced Technical College Innsbruck for Electronic and Informatics and attended the Prague Photo School Austria.
Before CIID Kelvyn worked for around two years at the Vienna based design studio Strukt, codearts and inscript, where he was designing interfaces, installations, event shows and creating prototypes for big international companies as well as startups.

In his spare time he is usually doing projects with his friends, like room installations, designing games or taking pictures as well as visiting lectures at the architecture faculty or art galleries. Apart from that he enjoys hiking, dancing and snowboarding.