Christopher Bogár

Nationality: Danish
Area of Expertise: Digital Marketing and Communication, Music

Born and raised in Denmark, Christopher has a background in online marketing and communication within the entertainment industry. He spent seven years at The Royal Danish Theatre connecting an analogue art institution to an increasingly digital world.

With a BA in Musicology and Film and Media Science and an MA in Modern Culture and Communication from the University of Copenhagen, Christopher is passionate about art and culture with a strong focus on the user’s digital experience.

Alongside freelancing as a web designer, he created the musical act The Bottle Boys, together with four good friends. Building their own instruments and shows based on playing music on bottles, they have performed concerts and tv-shows all over the world, and worked with companies such as Pepsi, Carlsberg and TED.

A tinkerer at heart and energized by new ideas and perspectives, he looks forward to ideating and prototyping in the collaborative atmosphere at CIID alongside people with very different professional backgrounds.