How will the growing trend in artificial intelligence affect the future of farming? How will people’s relationship to food and farming change as a result? Can we create an alternative marketplace to big farms and supermarkets? These were some of the questions that we wanted to explore with faavi.

Faavi brings a new dimension to urban farming through a distributed network of vertical farms. It allows individuals to grow, predict and sell produce through a community marketplace from the convenience of their home.

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While big industry farms are an essential part to sustaining a population of more than 7 billion people, we also found a growing trend in organic urban farms springing up around the world. There is an increasing curiosity about where our food comes from, how it’s produced and how to do so in an ethical and sustainable way. Urban farming is one answer to this growing concern, but doesn’t scale well. On the flip side, automated vertical farms are emerging as a viable solution to the question of scaled urban farming, but aren’t accessible to individual growers. Faavi, with its community-based marketplace, fills this gap in-between; an automated, intelligent farm for the home, and a companion app that facilitates the buying and selling of produce within the community.

How it works

1. Choose & Install: Purchase the faavi vertical farm in a size fit for your home and follow the manual for a quick installation

2. Plan the Grow: Choose how long you want to incubate your seeds for, based on the AI’s predictions of quality and price on the faavi stock market

3. Start Farming: Using artificial intelligence, the farm will automate processes such as managing water supply, humidity, light, temperature and fertiliser dispension

4. Harvest & Sell: When the set time elapses, harvest the crops and sell them on the faavi network using a companion app that reaches out to the local neighbourhood