Shelve is an all-round management service for your physical possessions that reimagines how you store, share and use your belongings.

How it works

Shelve will pick up any belongings that you want to store with them, and allows you to manage these digitally through a companion app. Through the app, you will have a full overview of all the items that you have stored with Shelve, and can choose to share these with trusted friends or have it delivered back to you anytime. You can also borrow any items that your friends have shared with you, making better use of expensive equipment that is rarely used.

Customers can choose between a subscription model or pay as you go, depending on their storage needs.


In a world of mass consumption coupled with huge amounts of waste, how can we shift people’s behaviour around ownership? Can we take better stock of our shrinking living spaces and the things we already own?

These were some of the questions we wanted to tackle with Shelve. In developing this service concept, we wanted to marry the idea of storing physical belongings with digital storage: to have your personal belongings be as easily accesible and shareable as any digital file. Through this service, we want to encourage a new kind of ownership – a shared ownership between a community of trusted friends, while retaining a sense of control.

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