Daily Ten

Nowadays, with our mobile phones, we generate too much media every day to be able to consume or review it. We transfer everything to our computers in a mechanical way, without having the chance to stop and remember a period of our lives.

By recording a ten seconds video everyday, Daily Ten helps you create a monthly video journal in a playful and easy way.

Once you open the app, the camera is enabled and is ready to capture that moment that you are experiencing. You can record as many videos as you want during the day, but you have to choose just one to add in the monthly video (the others will be erased). When a month is finished, you will be able to review, share and save a 5 minutes (30 days x 10 seconds) monthly video, creating, also, a monthly calendar with all your videos.

This app concept was developed in a one week course with Origami Studio. This software helped us to create several high-fidelity prototypes in order to do small user tests to improve our final product.