Happ: Experience Prototyping

Four prototypes were built to test the research and video insights around the Happ service. Focusing on how people know about events that are happening around them and trying to help them to attend some of those events to meet new people was the main goal of the rapid experience prototyping week.

Day 1: What’s happening around you?

A large board with different tips on events and happenings in the area was set up. The question was to understand if people showed interest in the information to then discuss with them what information they found relevant and why. The learnings were that people are interested in what is happening around them, they are especially interested in the events that relate to their own interests and that the prototype caught a lot of interest and proved helpful in catching people.

Day 2: Discovering walk

Two participants were asked to sent their daily walks through the city and their list of interests. Having this information, Happ was able to sent them tips on activities and happenings, based on their interests, as they walked past them.The learnings were that the user should be able to turn on and off the notification system whenever they want it. Also, notifications can come across as spam if they are unwanted or if it is a commercial event. But, at the same time, users especially appreciate notifications if they feel that they are tailored to them.

Day 3: SMS Service

After prompting three participants to submit some of their interests, Happ asked them to use the service when they wanted and to define a time slot that suited them. Then the service sent them tailored tips on events and activities based on their interests. The learnings were, on the one hand, that the users wanted a constant feed rather than specific days but, on the other hand, they appreciate the service.

Day 4: Selected Buddies

Before the final show the idea was to create a final prototype to test during the event. The participants chose their interests from an existing list and during the show they were able to know which events, related to their interests were happening and with whom from the event they could go with.