The Electronics as Material class gave the students a chance to build circuits, switches, speakers and microphones out of raw materials like conductive fabric, paper, copper and many others, while also having a final brief the focus was experimentation and exploration. The final presentation format was a short performance that featured at least 2 different handmade electronic instruments.

The overarching theme of SwingDrop`s exploration the conductivity of water. The first instrument consists of a number of glasses filled with water, woollen string and different surfaces hooked up to amplifiers. Water consistently drops on the different surfaces creating an underlying beat in combination with pendulums and shallow plates with water form the second instrument. When in motion, the pendulum briefly touches the surface of the water, closing a circuit and triggering a sound. The pitch of the pendulum sound can be altered. The third instrument is a jug of water that is connected to a circuit as well as the first to instruments. It is used to fill the glasses as well as the plates at the beginning of the performance, triggering the drop-beat as well as the pendulum. Pouring the water in a steady stream closes the last circuit producing a screeching sound.