Birth Day

Birth Day is a health care provider app that helps pregnant women know more about the giving birth experience by having general information and local hospitals evaluations in a dynamic and visual way.

Resarch and Concept

Under the UN Health & Wellbeing goals, I was interested in Sexual & reproductive health. Finally, I’ve decided to focus my concept on Women Obstetric Violence.

Obstetric violence is a specific type of violation of women’s rights. It occurs both in public and private medical practice during health care related to pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum and is a multi-factorial context of institutional and gender violence. It can be manifested through: the denial of treatment, the disregard of a woman’s needs and pain, verbal humiliations, invasive practices, physical violence, unnecessary use of medication, forced medical intervention detention in facilities for failure to pay, dehumanizing or rude treatment and discrimination or humiliation based on race, ethnic or economic background, age, HIV status, gender non-conformity, among others.

Birth Day App

The app is divided into 3 main pages (+1 extra):

1. What?. What is giving birth? What is the process from the moment where everything start until the moment that you leave the hospital?

2. How?.  How can you give birth? Can I prepare the moment in advance? What rights do I have as a “patient”? Can I do a home birth?

3. Where?. Which hospitals have the best practices around giving birth? What other mothers think about their experiences in each hospital?

4. Survey. Once the app knows that you have gave birth, it will ask you to answer a five minutes survey about your experience. The information will be added to our hospital data and shown in the hospital statistics.