Smoke & Project

An experiment with smoke, mirrors, and projectors.

In the course of experimenting with imaging, we drew on the use of smoke in a dark room to expose invisible rays of light. We tested LEDs, lasers for more directional light, and finally landed on projectors.

The first experiment tested the dynamics of different projected images and animations with different volumes of smoke. Simple colors and geometric shapes were more visible and distinct within the projector lights which led to the second experiment using graphics of shapes and animations. We found that there were varying levels of three dimensionality depending on the camera angle. We furthered these simple lines and shapes with mirrors, bouncing off one or multiple mirrors.

In the next experiment, we used multiple small mirrors to reflect fragments of a scene from different video clips – motion graphics and a scene from Pulp fiction.

In the last experiment, we used less reflective surfaces to create timelines of images within an animation. In this way, we pulled the same shape across space and then played with changing shapes and changing faces.