Clean It

During Physical Computing, our team set out to fix a challenge we face everyday— keeping the CIID kitchen clean. 

How we fixed it
We started with mounting an ultrasonic sensor in the shelves of the CIID kitchen. This allowed us to monitor the number of dishes left for use in the shelf. To visualise the state of the shelf, we constructed a dynamic poster with gears that would display the name of our beloved school – CIID. When the shelf was fully stacked and as dishes were removed the logo would slowly distort. This visual reminder encouraged people to keep the kitchen in order because the state of the CIID logo was a direct representation of the cleanliness. The more the logo distorted, lesser the number of plates in the shelf.

We also decided to fix the way people were informed about their kitchen and lab cleaning duty by finding a replacement for a simple list on the paper that people rarely notice. The device we created is an interactive LED matrix with our names on it. One would be able to select between kitchen and lab duty modes, and see who is responsible for each week of the year. Since the device is battery powered, it can be placed anywhere in the studio.

And this changed everything :)