Priscila Ferreira

Nationality: Brasil

Area of Expertise: Content Creation, Interaction Design, Communications Solutions

Priscila Ferreira, born and raised in São Paulo. She graduated in Social Communications with a Major in Marketing and Advertising and has been involved in multimedia projects throughout her path. 

She started her creative process at an early age with photography, which led her to be part of important art shows in Brazil and France. Guided by the will of telling stories with images, Priscila dived into the video-making universe through fashion and art, crafting her videos from the beginning to the end with contributions to fashion editorials of magazines, such as SCHON (UK) and IKI Magazine (Italy). She became responsible for the editing as well for the soundtracks of these videos; that opened doors for the development of her personal work with music and collaborations with commissioned soundtracks to other projects. 

With a background composed of multimedia content, Priscila aims to increase people’s understanding of different subjects exploring the human senses mainly through image and sound.

Now at CIID, Priscila wants to comprehend even more how people experience the world, as she aims to extend the usability of the subjects she loves the most (music, art and technology) applied in different contexts as tools to create communication solutions that will build a more sensitive, clear and interactive universe for people.