Monika Seyfried

Nationality: Poland
Areas of Expertise: Audiovisual Media, Design, Art

Monika has recently obtained MA in Audiovisual Media from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. During studies she mastered animation, photography, film, graphic design and visual identity. Her work has been exhibited in several cities across the globe, including Beijing, Paris and Riga. Monika works mostly as a freelancer, collaborating on projects ranging from promotional video ads to artistic installations for various media and digital design agencies.

She has always been interested in researching new connections between design, art and technology. While exploring the intersections of those areas, she felt the need for a more practical edge and became passionate about a previously unknown dimension of interaction design.

Upon graduation she is planning to intern at a design agency or research laboratory, which will get her closer to her ultimate goal of focussing on designing interactive educational installations for museums and futuristic services for urban spaces, or perhaps setting up her own design studio.