Mikio Kiura

Nationality: Japan

Area of Expertise: Software Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

When Mikio was a graduate student, he worked on a project concerning user testing. This experience led him to the conclusion that iterative prototyping and testing aimed at optimization of user’s value is the best method for new product development. 

Currently, Mikio is developing product prototypes at Canon Inc., Japanese camera company. He is interested in investigating the new approach by understanding the entire process of innovation from the formation of ideas to prototyping to verifying feasibility, as well as market values at CIID. 

Mikio learned Computer Science at college and graduate school and has abundant practical experiences as a software engineer. He also has experience of teaching software development to academics and professionals. These activities include writing more than 20 academic papers and patent applications. By maximizing this knowledge and experiences, he believes that he would be able to contribute significantly to class projects and discussions in line with the Interaction Design Programme’s peer to peer learning philosophy.