Mette Mørch

Nationality: Denmark

Area of Expertise: Social Design and Service Design

The field of tension between human and design is what engrosses Mette. She takes a special interest in the behavior of humans and the impact of technology related to people-centered design. She wants to make something useful, not just beautiful things to put on a shelf, but to create positive change for a better world.

To fulfill this ambitions, she took a BA in Communication Design at Design School Kolding. That gave her strong visual communication tools combined with knowledge and competences in Service Design and Social Design. Now she only needs the last piece in the puzzle which CIID can give her. It is important to be involved in the world around us and the impact you can have on it. Therefore, she has been involved in everything from students association to organizing Pecha Kucha Night events. She hopes to combine her interest for society and design in her future work.

Mette has an unconscious fondness for clothes in blue colors, yellow cheese and black coffee.