Leila Byron

Country: UK / USA 
Area of expertise: Fashion, Digital Design

My background is in Digital Design and Visual Merchandising focusing on technology within sustainable design, employing design research methods and rapid prototyping techniques in my work.

My choice to transition from the world of retail and marketing to Interaction Design was based around a desire to explore the key role technology plays in creating positive social impact for users. Before making this transition, I worked for seven years’ with stakeholders to improve the user experience, specifically for the fashion retail environment with both European and US based brands. This experience has laid a strong foundation from which I have continued to deepen my professional working techniques, dealing with team dynamics and understanding of complex situations. 

I pride myself on being a natural leader and thrive in a flexible yet goal oriented structure. I am an interaction designer with a project management bent. I am looking to further develop my management, research and strategy skills through communication, collaboration and transparency during the entire design process.