Lars Kaltenbach

Country: Germany

Area of expertise: Interface Design, Interaction Design

Lars was born and raised in Germany where he discovered his passion for generative design and interactive media during Communication Design studies.

After his graduation he worked in research and development departments of different design agencies where he experimented with 3D scanners, stereoscopic websites and tangible interfaces. Before joining CIID’s IDP , Lars worked as a freelance designer on conception and visual design for websites, apps and interactive installations. He believes that you can build great things when you connect seemingly unrelated fields. That’s why he likes to work on multi-disciplinary projects.

While at CIID, Lars hopes to get a more holistic view on design and interaction in general. He looks forward to work with talented people from all over the world and from many different industries.

Besides the usual hobbies like reading and traveling, Lars likes to tinker and build stuff like custom shelves or window farms.