Kate Twomey

Nationality: American / German

Area of Expertise: Documentary Film, New Media Studies

Kate’s curiosity regarding interaction design started with ceramics when she learned to think about the functionality and interactive quality of everything she created.

Coming from a Fine Arts and Critical Theory background – Kate went on to major in Cinema Studies and Documentary Film & Television Production at New York University.

During her studies, she interned for Jigsaw Productions, assisting with and researching for a variety of documentary films. Later, she would go on to intern at Grossman & Partners, a small cultural consulting think tank, where she researched and tied together client reports on a variety of topics such as Leadership & Business Development in Startups, Content Marketing, Wearable Technology and the Affordable Care Act.

Her fascination with interaction design and user experience only deepened as she began to write her thesis, where explored new distribution and community building experiments for non-fiction films. The research for the thesis eventually led her to transmedia storytelling, interaction design and creative marketing – which she dreams of further pursing for social change.

Kate has been living and working in Germany for the past two years, perfecting the language and making Munich her home. She is excited to do the same in Copenhagen in 2016.