Justine Syen

Nationality: Belgium

Area of Expertise: User-centered design, Design thinking, Sustainability

Justine has a Masters degree in Product Development from the University of Antwerp. While there, she got to dip her toes in a wide range of specialities within the field of product/service design and got to work with companies such as Procter&Gamble. These projects varied from an interactive toy for toddlers to sustainable city transport. In her five years of education, she learned that her true passion lies with projects that have a user-centered approach.

She believes that field research and user-tests are not only the beginning and ending of a design process but that these have to be incorporated in every step of the way to ensure a result that fits the profile of its users.

At CIID Justine hopes to develop the right tools to approach any usability problem and transform it into a intutive product-service system, while being a part of an international and diverse team of creative minds.