Jivitesh Ranglani

Nationality: Indian

Area of Expertise: Product Design, UI/UX Design

Jivitesh Ranglani graduated as a Product Designer in Mumbai, India, winning a Raffles Design Institute Best Design Project award. Since then he has worked across various design disciplines, such as Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design and most recently as an Interaction Designer for McKinsey Digital Labs, where he designed the interface of a project management application for the Government of the State of Maharashtra, India.

He loves to learn, listen and understand, which explains his passion for user experience design. He believes everyone has a story to tell. Understanding that story and translating it into a design decision is what he aims to be learning to do at CIID. He also believes CIID will help him develop his own design process.

In his free time he likes to travel the world, learn about people and cultures, DJ for fun and play a number of sports. Coming from a country with a very large population where easy tasks tend to get complicated, his aim is to simplify the complex through Interaction Design.