Iskra Uscumlic

Nationality: Croatia

Area of Expertise: Engineering, Visual Communications, Graphic design

Iskra is approaching design from a background in Naval Architecture in which she holds a Bachelor degree. Over the past three years, Iskra has worked as a freelance designer, both as a creative and a project manager.

The bulk of her experience has been in Graphic Design, as she has worked in creating creating visual identities, packaging and advertisement for various companies. This lead to a position of Art Director of a Taste of Croatia magazine. Lately, she has been working with startups creating user centred experience applications, which is something she is very passionate about.

At CIID Iskra would like to explore how to design efficient and elegant ways of incorporating interaction in everyday life, regardless of the medium at hand. By researching how people engage with everyday objects, she hopes to get a better understanding of human condition as it transfers to a digital workspace and in non-digital items.

In her free time, Iskra enjoys sketching, walks with her dogs and large amounts of coffee.