Inês Araújo

Nationality: Portugal

Area of Expertise: UX, UI & Visual Design

Inês is a happy and curious designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Lately, she has been working as a UX and UI designer with the great team at Metalab.

She graduated in Communication Design at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon and started her career as a graphic designer. She soon realized she wanted to make interactive “things” – stuff you could play with, touch and get feedback, stuff you could be amazed by.

So she did a course on Web Programming that allowed her to have a deeper understanding of the logic behind most coding languages. Afterwards, she started designing for the web and then moved on to mobile platforms, which have been her focus for the last 5 years. Sharing that experience made sense to her, so she taught some classes and workshops on designing for mobile platforms.

Her childlike curiosity is what drives her, making her want to experiment everything and never stop learning. Connecting the dots between physical and digital worlds and getting different people together to find ways to give sense and bring magic to the world is her goal.

CIID brings her closer to her vision. There she hopes to explore other mediums and platforms and to learn to gather valuable insights from doing design research on the field. And hopefully make a bunch of friends on the way!