Dario Loerke

Country: Germany

Area of expertise: Social Science, Philosophy

Born and raised in Germany, Dario has a BA in Journalism & Science of Communications from the University of Vienna and a MA in Organizational Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School. Loaded with a theoretical base in social science and philosophy, his final academic step has taken him to more practical explorations at CIID.

Living for four years in one of Europe’s cultural capitols, Dario gained a strong network within the creative scene of Vienna – founding his own conceptional event series that showcases musical performances, exhibitions and lectures around Austria, Germany and Denmark. His great interest in architecture and design has led to several collaborations with friends – building an underground club from scratch or audio-visual concepts to augment spatial experiences amongst others. As a consequence, he now wants to further explore the intersection of technology and the physical world.

Already equipped with some work experience at firms such as the Red Bull Media House and Designit, Dario wants to build a career within the creative industry – believing in human-centered design and the collaboration between like minded people. CIID is perceived as a good starting point for those endeavours.