Cyrus Kamath

Nationality: UK

Area of Expertise: User Experience, Product Development, Online Marketing

Leaving the rat race to focus on ideas that matter, Cyrus views interaction design as a way to channel the constructive dissatisfaction with the world around him into tangible action. 

A degree in economics led to the emerging new media scene in London. Starting out with projects for Channel 4 and Pearson PLC, he eventually hopped the pond to join the digital transformation accelerator at L’Oréal.

A chance invitation to attend the One Young World summit changed everything. Inspired by a strong desire to effect positive change and eager to experiment with human-centred design and technology, he sought out a compatible environment. 

Which brings him to Copenhagen. He’s excited by the prospect of practical investigation. He’s looking forward to collaborating with diverse talents in the melting pot that is CIID. Above all he cannot wait to develop new skills, challenge ideas and start work on real projects that seek to make life a little bit better.