Charlie Gedeon

Nationality: Canadian

Area of Expertise: UI/UX and Marketing

Before getting to CIID, I jumped from account manager to lead designer in a fast-growing startup. Despite my marketing degree, I have been able to do far more interesting work when combining it with the design and video skills I taught myself, from the beautiful parts of the internet, over the past 8 years. Being a generalist and jumping around between the different fields has taught me a lot about the value in connecting ideas from each in a diverse team. Now I want to turn my crosshairs onto technology, sustainability and education.

This is what I am bringing to the table at CIID and I look forward to working with smart people who share a penchant for working with others to solve the problems of tomorrow.

My curiosity has been my best friend so far, and to those that say “curiosity killed the cat”, I say “actually it was more likely the excessive eating and reality TV shows.”