Bjørn Karmann

Area of Expertise: Graphic Design & Maker

Nationality: Denmark

Born in Germany and raised in Denmark, Bjørn studied Graphic Design at The Scandinavian Designhøjskole and afterwards he got his bachelors degree in Communication Design from Design School Kolding in 2015. More recently, he has been working with Speculative Design with Benedict Gross in Stuttgart.

With a German father as an Engineer and a Danish Mother as an Artist, the path of combining art and technology was natural. During his studies he was interested in the combination of analogue and digital worlds. Loving nature and technology is only one of Bjørns paradoxes that made him look for alternative and green solutions.

In his spare time he works as a Freelance Graphic Designer, likes to experiment with organic typography and physical prototyping. His passion for sound and cinematography led to several music videos and projects.