Adriana Chiaia

Nationality: Italy

Area of Expertise: Graphic Design, Visual Communication

Adriana is a graphic designer from Milan. Design for her is a process of thinking and then creating an effective answer to a question.

Her passion for visual communication comes from the aim to understand how people interact with images and symbols and communicate among them. She loves culture and psychology. She gradually got interested in digital design and how technology creates a new language and human behavior. Therefore, Adriana decided to use her graphic design background and design methodology to work on UI and UX. In the past months, she worked as a web designer in EidosMedia and her curiosity for the “how” lead her to start to work on code.

Adriana graduated from the IED school of design in Milan with a BA in Visual Communication and Graphic design. This gave her classic design skills but also the possibility to prototype and work on the mock ups of new products, from the idea to the visual simulation, in particular in app and web design.

Adriana now aims to learn interaction design, expand her design knowledge to product design and fuse it with her UI interests.