What if your powerbank is empty but your smartphone or other USB-powered device is still in need of some juice? It would be great if you could get a fuller one without the hassle of charging it yourself.

CHARGIE is a people-driven ecosystem of interchangeable powerbanks. Instead of owning a powerbank, CHARGIE provides the people with one that is assigned with a unique identity. When in need, the users of CHARGIE can request the exchange on a time and location that’s convenient to them. Simultaneously other CHARGIE holders will accept the request based on their own location and arrange to meet up when they cross paths; which encourages social interaction between CHARGIE users. Upon a gesture of touching each CHARGIE, the powerbank is registered with its new owner.

In order to promote this cross pollination of CHARGIE ecosystem, a credit system is in place where the person who is providing a CHARGIE with a higher charge will then receive credits, where as the other is paying with credits.

In situations where no CHARGIEs are available, these credits can also be spent to get an emergency CHARGIE.

To achieve the final concept using video as a prototyping tool was through; initial brainstorming, rapid-prototyping, story boarding, location scouting and using low-fidelity video as an initial prototyping tool. Using lo-fi video’s as a way to gain feedback allowed us to gain more concrete insights on how to develop into higher fidelity prototype to use in a final concept video.