Charged – Induction Network

Charged is a peer-to-peer service which allows people to charge their devices through induction stickers.

The vision is to create a Charged network based on people who are willing to share their battery with other people in close proximity, providing a source of energy for each other’s devices. Through the app, people can locate the closest person available and send them a request. Charged is a win-win system, where the member who helps is rewarded with points that can be used with Charged partners. In the case of a low battery emergency, a SOS message can be sent to the closest person to the member’s position.

Video Prototyping

The video prototype shows how the induction service functions during a period of 24 hours. Through three possible scenarios in different moments of the day, three main touch points are highlighted within the network created by the service itself.

The concept was first developed on paper as a low fidelity video, which was used to observe reactions of the audience and receive as many feedbacks possible. Then it evolved into a more detailed and refined final video, where detailed scene scripts, shooting and audio recording took place.